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    Este blog fue creado para recopilar mis reflexiones e información vinculada con cursos abiertos (modalidad MOOC).

    (foto de cabecera:http://www.flickr.com/photos/clemkey/4895479181/)

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To be or not to be…connected?

As we can read in Wikipedia “Volvox is the most developed in a series of genera that form spherical colonies. Each mature Volvox colony is composed of numerous flagellate cells… The individual algae in some species are interconnected by thin strands of cytoplasm, called protoplasmates. They are known to demonstrate some individuality and working for … Sigue leyendo

“Lip-dub” or how to deal with the context

Yesterday I attended part of the session with Alec Couros in Blackboard. Towards the end there is a proposal for a lip-dub. With my clumsy English I did not know what it was. From the context I assumed it was something connected with their lips, these I know them, mouth, teeth, lips … To my … Sigue leyendo

Introducing myself

I´m an Uruguayan biology teacher. But I´m also a mother (son =8 daughter=19 (yes it´s crazy)). Saying I´m a mother is saying I´m a learner. It´s a profession you really learn in progress. A clear example of complexity. Being a teacher is something like that. You have to be learning all the time! The learning … Sigue leyendo

In the beginig…#etmooc

I´m now trying to start my blog for a new course.Sometimes I´ll write in english and I´ll try to do my best. Others I think I rather write in spanish. I´ve been searching and I`d realized that there`s a low percentage of spanish speakers even few south americans that even know what a MOOC is … Sigue leyendo